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Compassion Fund pic.png

This fund has been newly created to decrease barriers to employment, so our clients stay employed and continue to move towards self-sufficiency. This fund also provides a $100.00 incentive towards rent and utility bills after completing a 5-7 week financial class hosted by WeLIFT and partners like Wells Fargo and People's Bank.  

Additionally, donations will go towards:

  •  small car repairs, new vehicle wheels,

  • oil changes, work clothes and footwear - such as the purchase of anti-oil slip boots required for kitchen work in our restaurants,

  • steel toed boots for construction sites, 

  • different possible forms of transportation like purchasing HIRTA passes or bikes

  • birth certificates,

  • social security card replacement transportation costs,

  • state IDs,

  • reactivation of cell phone or adding minutes to their phones

    These are the things that are necessary for our clients to move through the hiring and housing process. We want to ensure that our clients have the necessities to be successful with employers when a communication, documentation, apparel, or transportation situation arises. 

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