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Community Outreach

We believe in reaching our community and providing resources while minimizing as many barriers to our services as possible. We serve South Central Iowa and understand the importance of providing good quality services and education to all.
2023 outreach events:
March - Re-entry Simulation
May - Mental Health in the Workplace
August - Summer Youth Program

October - Job Fair
C3 De-Escalation Trainings at Waukee Area Christian Services & Young Women's Resource Center, & Poverty Simulation

November - Fall Financial Fun & Fellowship 6-week class series finished.

December-Holiday Thank you Meal for all Community Partners, Clients, & families.
2022 Outreach events:
VR Headsets Training implemented

We believe, “Knowledge is Power” and community events set up a perfect platform to widely and effectively educating our community about pressing social issues like mental health and substance abuse, the challenges of those re-entering our services and communities after incarceration and self-control in tough situations to prevent burn out and stress. We would love to help you and your organization educate your community about the very critical issues that face so many people in today’s world. It's time to talk about challenges instead of listening to the stigmas. 
See our                      to learn more about what we have coming up for classes.

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To learn more about the power of VR Headsets and your business, school, or organization using them visit or please contact Roger Netsch at: 515-962-5017 email:

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To learn more visit. To sign up your business, organization, school staff etc for The C3 Certification, please contact Sue Wilson">

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To learn more about this program that takes place weekly at Lighthouse Community Center ( Please visit or contact Sue Wilson for more information.">  

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