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Job Readiness: 

Pillar #1 of Success: 

This article shows the importance of places like WeLIFT that are dedicated to teaching and working one on one with our clients to achieve their career goals. 


Career Readiness: What It Is and Why It's Important |


To learn more about the services we have onsite and those that can be brought into your workplace for teaching, please contact Sue Wilson 1-515-962-5017

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One on One Meetings

Our Career Planners work one on one with our clients to provide an individual experience that can be catered to their career interests and goals. We strive to provide best practice models in resume writing, interview skills, job searching/application process and job sustainability. 


Individual & Group Instruction

We have experience in instructing “Bring Your A Game,” a curriculum based program created by Work Ethic Development, Inc.


Computer Lab

Our onsite free computer lab is available for all our clients and provides a large or individual private space for zoom calls, pre employment screening calls, telehealth appointments and access to the internet, copy machine, document retrieval websites and google docs or microsoft word.

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