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Winter 2022 - WeLIFT Board of Directors took a tremendous step into the future by purchasing 5 Virtual Reality Headsets from Transfr.

The headsets have over 30 career exploration simulations that are used for people to understand different careers, learn information about high demand jobs and practice skills associated with each career.

The VR Careers range from Manufacturing/Storing, Automotive, Construction, Public Safety, Hospitality/Culinary, Nurse/Surgical Technician, Broadband Technology, Emergency Services and more.

The VR Headsets will be used in different curriculums and at different school districts around our region starting in the Fall of 2023 as part of our Community Outreach support pillar.


The Headsets are also available onsite at WeLIFT to be used during open hours.

To learn more about the power of VR Headsets and your business, school, or organization using them, please contact Roger Netsch at: 515-962-5017 email:

For more info about our VR headsets visit 

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