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A very important summit the Indianola Chamber and WeLIFT hosted together on May 16th, from 8-11:30 at the Freedom Fellowship Church at 2604 N Jefferson Way, Indianola. 

With the unprecedented mental health crisis currently facing our communities and employers, it’s critical that we, as leaders in the community and in business, continue to educate ourselves on mental illness and the role we can play in navigating circumstances, either personally or with the people that we lead.
Our line-up of speakers for the event include:


  • TRAUMA INFORMED LEADERSHIP, HOW TO LEAD WITH COMPASSION, MOLLIE MICHELFELDER, LISW, CADC · CLINICAL MANAGER, HOUSE OF MERCY - Mollie has more than twenty years of experience providing educational presentations on trauma and its impact. This session will provide an overview of trauma informed care and share of the ways in which a trauma informed culture within the workplace is beneficial.

  • DE-ESCALATING SITUATIONS IN THE WORKPLACE – THE 3 C’S, SUE WILSON MA, ATC/L, PES · EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, WELIFT JOB SEARCH CENTER - Sue is a Certified Instructor for C3 De-escalation and will introduce attendees to The 3 C's, Calm Circuit Connection. It's a unique and practical de-escalation technique that's based on brain function and mitigates aggression. This session will provide a broad overview of the tactics that can help de-escalate situations in the workplace and help people to calm down and gain control.

  • ADDICTION IN THE WORKPLACE· A LOCAL BUSINESS LEADER'S PERSONAL EXPERIENCE - Listen and learn from one of our own local business leaders about their struggle with Mental Health and Substance abuse. The real-life story of the day they hit rock bottom and almost took their life.

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