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The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Community Center has been such a gracious partner of ours since its inception in Spring 2021. The Lighthouse and WeLIFT staff work together to provide community resources for the Glory of God such as life classes, community meals and fellowship.


WeLIFT helped write a grant for a new stove for the Lighthouse to better serve the hundreds if people they serve monthly on Tuesday Nights. Community Meals are 5:30-6:30pm.

 The Lighthouse is the location for many of our community outreach events like the Re-entry Simulation in March 2023, Financial Series Class and weekly Tuesday night meals. 

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lighthouse 6.jpg

Santa poses with community members on a wonderful Sunday event at Lighthouse.

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light house santa.jpg

Re entry event hosted by the Lighthouse, WeLIFT and UnitedWay of Central Iowa. Pictured is WeLIFT office manager Esther Synder and City Manager Ben Reeves.

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Lighthouse 3.jpg

Financial classes held in the upstairs of the Lighthouse after being stuffed by the amazing community meal downstairs

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